Lavender ‘Angustifolia’ Essential Oil (Premium Grade)


Lavender Angustifolia Essential Oil Premium Grade. Very high quality.


Our popular Lavender ‘Angustifolia’ essential oil is of very high-quality and is used for many purposes.

Angustifolia lavenders provide the purest oils and are well suited to face creams, body products, oil burners as well as for cooking.

Why not try a drop on your temples or on your pillow if you can’t sleep, or a couple of drops will be enough for a relaxing bath. Create your own massage oils as you need them by blending a few drops into a small quantity of good carrier oil such as grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil.

When used in cooking such as biscuits, scones or ice cream ensure that you only use a quality lavender such as our Angustifolia Oil and use only the smallest amount to achieve a great tasting result. Too much lavender can detract from the subtle hint of lavender and it can become overpowering. I use only 2 drops in a batch of biscuits or less than half a teaspoon of the dried culinary Angustifolia lavender.

How To Use

Use sparingly for culinary and skincare purposes.


Only 100% Lavender Angustifoila oil.


All essential oils should be stored away from light and it is preferable to store them in a location where the temperature is relatively constant.

To achieve the best shelf life which can be 2 or more years, do not store lavender essential oil in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celcius or in a location where they are subjected to light.


We sell our essential oils in 10 ml bottles with dropper.

Larger quantities are available upon request.

Additional information

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