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Lavender Face Oil


Natural, light anti-oxidant facial oil uniquely formulated for daily use.

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For normal to dry skin

All natural, anti-oxidant face oil which has been uniquely blended to support skin health.

With regular use it will improve the emolliency of dry skin, leaving it supple and smooth. This is a light oil and will not clog pores. The blend is uniquely formulated so that it can be applied daily without the skin feeling heavy.

Apply 2-3 drops of this delightfully light oil and pat gently onto dry areas of the face and neck.

For dry skin it is recommended that this oil be included in your daily face care regime. Cleanse, mist/tone, apply lavender face oil, then moisturise.

For weekly treatments, you can always add the face oil just prior to applying a hydrating mask or serum.