The answers to some of our most commonly asked questions can be found below, however please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can help with.


Lavender Farm & Products

What kind of lavender do you grow on your farm?

We farm both ‘Grosso’ and ‘Angustifolia’ lavenders, but grow over twenty different varieties of lavender in the gardens around our land for visitors and guests to see.

The dried flowers of the ‘Grosso’ variety of lavender retain their fragrance for many years, making dried Grosso flowers perfect for our Muslin Bags and Lavender Rounds.

Our ‘Angustifolia’ lavenders produce the highest quality lavender essential oil available. We grow a range of different ‘Angustifolia’ varieties, and are trialling many for their suitability for the expansion of our farm.

Do you make your products on site?

Yes, all of our products are hand made on site by us. We are a family owned business and everyone pitches in in some way – right down to the littlest family members ‘helping’ to fill wheat bags!

Can we visit the farm?

Yes! We regularly welcome visitors to our farm for guided tours, and encourage our B&B guests to take the time to see our lavender field during their stay. Visitors are welcome to sample our products and we are happy to take the time to answer any and all questions you may have about our farm and lavender in general.

It is important to note that the lavender is not in bloom throughout the year, so to avoid disappointment please visit our Facebook page or contact us directly for more information.

Please contact us to arrange a visit, we are open by appointment throughout the year.

When is the best time to see the lavender in bloom?

Generally our lavenders look their best around December, however this is subject to the seasons and rainfall over the previous months. Our harvest period usually falls between the final week of December and the first week of January, but this too is subject to the year’s weather and conditions. Please contact us or visit our Facebook page for more up to date information or to check if the lavenders will be in bloom during your travel dates.

How is your lavender harvested?

We harvest our lavender by hand using a sickle. The stems are cut, bunched and then left to dry away from the sun before the flower is stripped from the stems. The dried flowers are then sieved to remove any unwanted stem material. Depending on the intended use the flowers may be triple sieved to remove as much of the fine black seed as is possible.


Bed & Breakfasts


Cancellations made more than 30 days before the due arrival date will be entitled to a full refund of deposit minus a $ 20 administration fee.

Cancellations made between 8 days and 30 days prior to arrival date will forfeit 30% of total fees paid.

If cancelled or modified less than 7 days prior to date of arrival and in the case of a no show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.


Children are welcome at our cottages.

Especially at Brayfield Cottage we ask that parents supervise their children at all times particularly when walking around the grounds. This is a working lavender farm and not everything will be put away all of the time.

The lavender area on the cliff face has a rabbit proof fence around it, which offers some limited protection for really young children should they accidentally wander off.

The hosts take no responsibility for the actions of children who should be supervised at all times by an adult.


Although welcome at Brayfield Cottage there are no specific provisions or facilities for young babies so guests will need to bring their own cots and high chairs.


All linen including sheets, towels and quilts are provided. All linen including sheets, towels and quilts are provided.

Linen will be changed after 3 nights stay. If you have a need for fresh linen sooner then please do not hesitate to contact the hosts.

There are a variety of pillows to suit different comfort levels and electric blankets are available in winter.

Check Out Time

We understand the need to sometimes have a lazy relaxing morning. To accommodate this the normal check out time is 11am.

Please advise us if you have a special request for a later check out time. Subject to other booking commitments, such requests will be supported wherever possible.